Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leh Lah

I had never heard of the jazz basest before so it was great to hear some new tunes, jazz too something I've never really tried, I really liked the track called "Remembering". I've never played a string instrument at all but i wondered if it was like trailing your hand in water (but flying). I used some references from the early BBC SSO work I did earlier too. Lynne I'll try and get this in the post tomorrow.


  1. lovely work...I used to have dreams very like this :-)
    yes lets try and beat the postal strike, put it in the post as soon as you can..... :-)

  2. Very nice entry. I am impressed by your sensitivity to the artwork around yours. That goes for the rest of this group, as well. It's truly a dream come true.

    Very dreamy entry. Bravo!

  3. Wil, it is beautiful! Thank you SO much! Very organic and really dreamy entry, as it said before. I'm glad that music took you to a little flight.
    Be ready to get Ooli's book soon!

  4. Indeed, I am impressed with how you incorporated your piece amongst the others. Flying! Beautiful.

  5. thankyou glad you like!

    Marina - it was a pleasure working on this - take your time if you like with Ooli's I've lots to do!

    Lynne - its in the post and on its way - fingers crossed we'll beat the strike!

    love this group!

  6. Hi Wil...the book has beaten the strike and arrived safely with me....I am looking forward to working in this book :-)

  7. Lynne - thats incredible so quick, have fun!