Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting going again

I am certainly enjoying painting over the top of the screen printing that Marty created. I see images within the mixing of paint, and am happily painting away while listening to the music. I really missed working and being able to leave stuff about and come back to it without packing it all completely away. Anyway. Still working.


  1. I dig what you've begun here. It is very lyrical. I think that's your forte. If there is no actual story in your picture, there appears to be a story. Or should I say, that even if I don't understand the story in your picture, there is a load of intriguing lyrics for me to fashion my own story. Make sense?

    I am glad that the accidents in my artwork are motivating you. Enjoy. No pressure.

  2. Accidents? Never. It makes for interesting creating. I do say though, I must have watched an awful lot of cartoons as a kid and repeatedly so, because there are some pieces that bring up EXACT images of the exact cartoon. I have to ignore it, it is better that way.

  3. Wonderful, Emma! Looks like you're having fun. I love those eyes! Waiting for your adventure continuation.