Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm overbooked!

Hello friends!
I feel guilty for holding your books too long. Today I got two more beautiful books, so now in my possesion are... 4 books!
I put them all together on my biggest table and it was hardly a space for all of them! It's so impressive to see them all together! You guys did an awesome job and I think we should show the books to the world not in only virtual way some day. What do you think?
I promise to start to work!
Lynne, Emma's book is going to you!


  1. don't they all look wonderful!!! :-)
    I guess when you have done work on my book it will be coming home to me.........do you want to wait and post both Emma's and mine together? no pressure :-)

  2. oh you are cheeky! They do look good together though, I see why you still have them.