Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fever Ray

I suppose I’m bad ‘collaborator’…I apologize for the delay again… To mitigate my fault I did two books last night. I decided to make Wil’s book out of order. Marina, I’ll finish yours one as soon as possible. As to this book, I think it’s my favourite one…Maybe the reason is that both music and associations are very close to me


  1. amazing - that's all I can say! Wil, maybe you'll stay after such a wonderful entry?

  2. no, not a bad collaborator at all .....:-) beautiful pages ....

  3. not at all!
    Wil will be very pleased I am sure.
    I do love your cut in half cat. Lovely interpretation.

  4. Ooli this is great, love the animal spirit theme you have, it does conjure up the music so well!

    I didn't think my book would still be in circulation.