Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wil's Book at last.

Here you go Wil. This is a general take from videos and still images, less from the actual cd. Not a huge fan of the music, but I am interested in some of Fever Ray's themes. I love this crazy bratty suburban shaman figure from videos. I hope that you like it. It is an image that didn't go particularly smoothly, therefore it evolved. I think it is the better for it. You will see that I did some extra collaging and tearing. I think that there are three butterflies stacked atop each other.

Here it comes, Emma.


  1. Nice one Marty. As I don't think I have heard the music, I need to go and find it to see. I like it all the same. It is hard if you are not really connecting with the music. We used to do a similar exercise at art school with music and sometimes... really difficult.

  2. There is a cd in the package. You may like it very much.

    Thanks, Emma.

  3. I love Fever Ray as well as Knife and I think your interpretation, Marty, is very sharp despite it's not the music you like, maybe.What to say, you're excellent professional!

  4. Just great entry, Marty! Every time I see your virtuosic ink work, I want to try also...

  5. Happy New Year!! Let's cal this year "The Year of Ink". Everybody try it.

    Today, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is playing a full day of Looney Tunes. I have the tv on in the background as I try to catch up on molys. It makes me laugh. I'm listening, not watching, so I get the voices and sound effects, as well.

    Love & Laughs!

  6. I received this moleskine yesterday, so it is safe and sound. I am going to send Marina's off today.