Sunday, December 20, 2009

I went a bit crazy, but it would be honest

I have been thinking about this moleskine since it landed in my hands, and knew I just had to put the album on and go for it. I took up a lot of room, but I think it is an honest interpretation of the music for me. It is a similar reaction for me as Marina, I think. It conjured up rain and being in Europe with my husband's family.


  1. Thank you SO much, crazy girl! I love very much your personal interpretation, colors, images; and I'm glad the music caused you this! Oh, I love my book!

    I know, I'm holding your book too much time. It's a little bit busy time for me now, but I have something in my head...

  2. Ahh! So pleased you love your book!

    Hold it as long as you want. I got stuck at home due to health issues and I must be feeling better today because I just had to tackle it. Think about it. I am going to wait to send to Ooli anyway, she has 2 books and we have a postal strike going on here in Australia. I don't want to put this moleskine in that.

  3. This is a tremendous entry. Goes so well with Marina's memory lane.

    Speaking of "so well", I hope you ARE feeling better. You are going to force me to come down here, turn you right side up, and feed you. I think you could use a few pasta dinners and a few milk shakes. We need to put some meet on those bones. Did you catch something from a frog?

    I will have Will's book, soon. Should I send it now, or wait for a break in the strike?

  4. Force feeding, as long as it tastes good, I don't mind, very bored with cooking at the moment. Pasta is definately what I am eating. Those upside down jokes, still... hheeee.

    You can send it if you want, things are moving, just slowly, you decide, wait until after Christmas maybe. I am sure they are striking just to freak people out about their presents arriving in time.