Sunday, July 5, 2009

A start!

So, this is as much as I want to share for the moment. I have been doing work throughout the book and wonder if I am taking over, but probably not. There are only six of us after all. I'll show you the parts that are drying later.


  1. I love your start! this is a very exciting exchange.....:-)

  2. What a wonderful beginning, Emma! Music is really great stimulator! I can feel how it took you...
    Your work inspires me, I want to start also!

  3. ohoh!! this is soo cool! I am really intrigued with the whole concept of it all! And i love this emma! If you ever do another one i'd love to participate.


  4. This has the is a novel. You create a patina that gives it an age old quality. The color, though, makes it contemporary. This drawing is really nice.

    It also reminds me of 50's early 60's children's book illustration.