Thursday, July 2, 2009

impatient? moi? :-)

my pages are done....Marty I will need your address.
Shall I keep it with me until everyone is ready?


  1. wow! gorgeous!
    You are not impatient, I have done a couple of little pieces in mine and am impatiently trying to find time to do more. Tomorrow night is my target.

  2. I am a little excited to get to work.....:-)
    So, are we all going to post at the same time, or just post off when we have done our pages?

  3. who? me? what? what? So sorry, dozed off.

    This is truly exquisite. The layering is incredible. The "tales of the sea" look is amazing, like your Shakespeare image. You could make a fine living doing antique nautical maps.

    When was the last time you listened to Groucho singing "Lydia"? Now there's a moly theme. Maybe I'll change mine. Anyhoo, I'll send my address via Flickr mail.

  4. I can hardly wait to pull lines out of Blue.

  5. On the back of a cartoon coaster, in the blue tv screen light, I drew a map of Canada -- Oh Canada -- with your face drawn on it twice.

    Joni taught me how to sing. My brother had Blue on an lp. I loved singing this song. Still do. Love the sensual conversational style. I love the range, the highs and lows. Very fun to sing.

    I got your book yesterday. It's a beauty. Gotta do you and Joni proud.

  6. ahhh that is not the lyric for the song I have chosen tho Marty.... I have put the lyrics on a card in my book...

    indeed the singing out loud is the part I enjoy about this album ( not sure the neighbours agree though :-)