Monday, August 30, 2010

Emma's Book

Not dead yet, or once dead and back to life again. I hope this begins to thank Emma for sending two beautiful books for the MCBA exhibition. Wish I understood French. The song, L'Horizon, is sung in French. I like the texture of the song. This book is brilliant. Ooli's book is well under way. Should be done in a couple of days.

Ooh!! There is quite a bit of book left to fill. I can add a little something more, but there is room for more still. Emma, should I send this book to you? Or.......

Missing Wil.

Oops! I didn't think about the paint used to do this "MUSICHALL" type originally. I did a wash of water and made a big smear of the type. Sorry. What this image really needs are those little gold dots. I hope that whoever draws next to this image will draw into it with some of the nice detail that is already in this book. There is quite a lot of book to be drawn in, yet. I hope you like, E.


  1. I miss Wil too, but he decided to just come and visit Australia instead... oh well. Sure send it back to me, I'll see if I can give it some more.

  2. oh I love it by the way M... it is perfect.

  3. Trying to help fill this book. I'm a bull in the china shop of this book.

  4. Go the bull!
    By the way, I like the smear of your work over the music hall text. All good. Perfect collaboration and complete integration!

  5. I know what you mean, those end pages are missing Wil......

    I love the atmosphere in these pages Marty, smokey and moody.... :-)

  6. Smokey and Moody, that's what we named the two squirrels that live in the tree in our front yard.

    Thank, Lynne.

  7. haha, Marty, you should add them to the drawing ( the squirrels ;-))
    Love your entries! The singing head is great!