Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fever Ray became my earworm

I had the first three tracks on this Fever Ray album playing in my head for 2 days once I really started to draw in the moleskine. I was walking around in the restaurant humming snippets to myself. It was more the words, though, that I think influenced my drawing. I find, it is more messy and eclectic the way I am creating in this exchange, and I worry it is just too crazy... but that's what that music did to me.


  1. I love how the music takes us places we might not usually go.... these additions are great, not messy at all......

  2. you've done a really nice interpretation like a dreamlike adventure. The tunes got under my skin as well.

    I agree with Lynne its not messy at all!

  3. Emma, what a beautiful continuation! Keeping Wil's pallet and mood and adding your authentic style and interpritation - really beautiful!

    Fever Ray is now closer to me...

  4. I think that this is a terrific response. So much going on in this, almost like TV snow. Fever Ray music is a little like that to me. I strain to hear the meaning through the snow of thoughts and music. That's why I liked her "suburban shaman" motif in the video, 'When I Grow Up'.

    I can hang all of the unknown on that character. I can rely on her to make a kind of sense from it.

  5. I sent this to Ooli two days ago, so look out for it.