Tuesday, August 25, 2009

keep the streets empty for me

Memory comes when memory's old

I am never the first to know

Following the stream up North

Where do people like us float

There is room in my lap

For bruises, asses, handclaps

I will never disappear

Forever, I'll be here


Morning, keep the streets empty for me

I’m laying down and eating snow

My fur is hot, my tongue is cold

On a bed of spider web

I think of how to change myself

A lot of hope in a one man tent

There's no room for innocence

Take me home before the storm

Velvet moths will keep us warm


Morning, keep the streets empty for me

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls

We were hungry before we were born


  1. That's the lyrics?So many associations with the picture...

  2. this is great Lynne, very mysterious

  3. Yes Ooli they are the lyrics ( I think they are right )...I am concerned that I have been a little too literal in my interpretation.....I am glad you like it Wil :-)
    I did add an extra page, now you have 3 blank pages in your 'sign in' area, shall we all make additions to those pages too?

  4. I am so impressed by how these images and the type work with each other. Very lyrical. Such a nice collaboration.

  5. It was challenging to integrate with Wil's laconic art, but I think you did a great collaboration! Very rich and evocative! What's the technique that you've used?

  6. it is beautiful... I am very impressed how they all work together. The technique you have used is wonderful.

  7. Thanks Marina and Emma....I used stencils, collage and drawing.
    I am now passing the book on to Marty......these traces are a real challenge :-)

  8. Has this book arrived with you yet Marty?